Made by flowers in Umbria,Italy…

In June in Spello, everyone can see the christian tradition of covering the streets with flowers on the day of Corpus Christi.The Infioratori of Spello working full months for the realization of these creations that will last just a few hours. The great efforts made, causes commotion among the most sensitive; it remains to them only the satisfaction for a job well done, a few photos, the memory of a night hard, cheerful and a bit crazy; they already dream up on the project next year.

The feast of Corpus Domini (the Body of Christ) is one of the most spectacular events in Umbria, Italy. The normally peaceful town of Spello is transformed into wonderland of flowers like none other. The streets are literally carpeted with flower petals of every imaginable color both found in nature and dyed. Teams of workers — both social and church groups — work for months planning the event that each year celebrates the feast. The day before the feast, the groups layout their designs (line drawings on large paper sheets) in the center of major streets and, within their tarp-covered tunnels, work throughout the night creating the most elaborate designs. Some are purely geometrical and others are wonderful depictions of Biblical themes (think Noah’s Arc, doves, Popes, and Jesus in lots of positions. All are amazingly detailed and the result of an extraordinary amount of time and talent.

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