Bohemian trip to Tuscany, Umbria and Lazio

                               Excursion with plane for a small group of 6 people

                                                   25 September – 2 October


The Heart of Italy has set the rhythm of human history for centuries. These areas are inhabited by ancient civilizations inherited by the Romans, and their descendants set the beginning of the modern world with the Renaissance – the cultural and civilization base of today’s Europe.



The area offers masterpieces of architecture and art from different historical periods, tells about paintings and makes us live in past times.

Once upon a time … Etruscan fortresses, medieval castles, Baroque churches and Gothic towers, we will feel the spirit of history, we will taste it.

We will visit 4 of the 12 major Etruscan centers, which have played a particularly important role in the subsequent periods of civilization development.



Our program will include: a visit to Pisa’s Wonder Square; a walk through the ancient Volterra; we will go to an antique shop in Perugia; we will feel the artistic spirit of Cortona; a trip to one of the most mysterious cities in the history of mankind – Orvieto; we will go to the city which disappears, nowadays its inhabitants are 10 and the only road currently linking the historic center to civilization is a long pedestrian bridge; we will sail in a volcanic lake to reach two picturesque islands; we will visit the Renaissance town of Pienza and the medieval Montepulciano; we will taste excellent wines, the famous cheese “pecorino” and specialty with wild boar; we will spend the night at the hotel of a famous actor; we will live in a stone Umbrian house, where the bells of sheep flocking on grazing will wake us up.



7 nights and 8 days we will adventure in a small group of 6 people and we will travel with a mini-van. The cost of the excursion also includes a flight ticket to and from Pisa airport, all transfers and excursions listed above, comfortable accommodation, personally checked by us, refrigerator full of delicacies, wines, drinks, fresh pasta, pastries, fruits and vegetables for our entire stay, boat tickets for a walk in the lake, entrance fee for a visit to “The Extinct City” and accompanying on our side all the time.



The total price is 700 euros per person. 



You will arrive at Pisa airpot where  we will be expecting you with a comfortable minivan for 6 people. Only after 5 minutes we will be staying at the small hotel run by the famous Italian actor Roberto Farnesi. We will have a dinner at the hotel’s restaurant, where our dishes are served by a chef who has won the Italian’s trust. Prices are normal and food is superb.

26.09.2018 –  Pisa

After the delicious breakfast offered by Farnesi, we will visit the famous tower in his hometown. Please note that the Tower and the Cathedral are only at certain times and it is good to announce this in advance.

We will find the charming small streets around and the sweet temptations that await us behind every corner – hand-made craft ice cream, freshly baked traditional sweets and a very pleasant lively atmosphere.


We’re going to Volterra. The history of the settlement is “submerged” in pre-Christian times and follows the civilization development, going back to the Roman Age, the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. As if an old bearded artist with a magic brush left here and there traces of all ages. Only the touch of these stone walls brings us wisdom.

A short break for a nice pizza with a glass of wine in the walls of the fortress. This will complement the experience.



In the afternoon we will arrive at our stone Umbrian house. It is set in a large, terraced garden with lots of flowers and olive trees. The tranquility and the idyllic atmosphere quickly earn us on our side. Separate outdoor seating places entice us for outdoor dinners, and our canyon is full of treats. The solution will not be difficult!



27.09.2018 – Lake Trasimeno

We are listening to the ringing tune of the passing herd. The hot coffee and the italian breakfast is accompanied by the pastoral view of the herds down the meadows … In the morning it preaches the day to be full of new discoveries.

After a short trip – about 40 minutes – we will catch a boat that will take us to a small inhabited island in the volcanic Lake Trasimeno. The inhabitants of this place are only 15, and the island town offers a fabulous experience. An old church, a Franciscan monastery, a stone castle and a former windmill. It is believed that Saint Francis has spent a part of his life in this place. As local people tell you – what you will not see right away after you get off the boat, you will see after a short walk around the island. Its longest part is only 2 km away.




The waters attract us for the return to the land and a trip to a holiday resort for rest and a small lunch on the shore. We found this place a few years ago. The soup of the day will be brought to us in an original way, and hot horseradish with ham and cheese. A glass of wine to enjoy the view and celebrate the day.



A few miles further, from another port, we’ll take a ship for an uninhabited island. Polvese’s life was a bit of a lifetime. This is evidenced by the remains of several churches and a fortification wall with defensive towers. Today, the island is an oasis of silence and tranquility and is part of the Trasimeno Nature Park. We will walk through its beautiful gardens to meet some typical representatives of the characteristic flora. The light “plays” on the water mirror, the views are fantastic and blessed for photography. The feeling is as if we are in some other wild world, and the expectation is that every woman in the stone fortress will appear a woman in crinoline.



We invite you to a light aperitif in our garden to solve one of the great questions about every Italian – how will dinner take place?

28.09.2018 – Civita di Bagnoregio and Orvieto

Today the day is devoted to two exciting experiences. In the morning we will head south to enter the Lazio neighborhood. We are expecting one of Italy’s great surprises.



The historic city is “standing” at the very top of a rock formation and its only connection to the world is a long pedestrian bridge. You suspect that there are no cars or any motorized transport on this road. But this is not necessary because the whole living space is gathered in a “handful”. A pleasant walk in history …. Civita di Bagnoregio is built on volcanic cliffs and tuffs. In Italy, they call it the “dying city” because, due to seismic activity and strong erosion processes, the space on which it is built actually breaks down.

We find a little square or an old gate, a stone staircase that has been swept away by millions of steps over the centuries, overgrown in ivy walls or a terrace with a blessed resting cat. And the views of the surrounding area “grip” us and we take the camera.


Emotions make us hungry. We can make a short lunch with traditional meals in the natural cave, cellar of one of the houses, nowadays sheltered a family restaurant or outside at a table on the square. It is time to try Lazio’s guilt.



After about 40 minutes, we will arrive in the city, the basement of which hid the secrets of ancient Etruria. One of the most beautiful cathedrals in the world is the main religious temple of the city. The facade enchants us, we have to look inside. Once someone had written that when he entered this church, he sat down and wept. Such impressions were so strong, and so deep the experience ….






















A losing walk through the stone streets. Somewhere comes a craftwork shop for olive products. A slightly steep alley takes us far back as it once was.

Marlena de Blasi, the author of some of Italy’s most appealing books such as “A Thousand Days in Tuscany,” “Umbrian Dinner,” or “Love in the Heart of Italy,” chose to live on a floor in one of the palaces in these streets.

Experience the place yourself …. sitting on an alley with a warm cappuccino we will listen to the tongue of the locals. The church bells remind us that it is time to go to the comfort of our stone house. Arrivederci, Orvieto, next time ….



29.09.2018 – Cortona

This beauty has settled comfortably on the top of a hill, having its impressive architecture of palaces, churches and monasteries on the top of the slope – as if casually dropping diples of a beautiful mantle.

Cortona conquers us with its artistic atmosphere – a series of galleries of contemporary artists and exhibitions of sculptures and sculptures, complemented by small bookshops and handmade paper shops, all sorts of papyruses, pens, inkjets, notebooks and sketches, postcards and other wonderful paper-writing materials that make us feel somewhat of something important and beautiful.



An important piece of life for Cortona is the Signorelli City Theater (named after a genius local artist born in the 15th century), giving the scene of a rich concert and theater program all year round, gathering admirers of these arts from all over the world.

Luka Signorelli is the creator of a series of Renaissance works that can be seen both in the Cortona Gallery and in a series of temples throughout central Italy.

A city with ancient history – proofs from the Etruscan times show us that Cortona has been a cradle of civilizations for millennia – today attracts artists and writers from all over the world. Here is the port and Francis Mace. The American writer settled in a nearby house and remained forever “conquered,” creating in a romanized way biographical books describing how Tuscany is “settled” in her heart in one with her homeland.

Enjoy … the breath of culture, of arts, of grace …


30.09.2018 Perugia 

The delicious breakfast is for us today’s bohemian experience. We will visit Perugia . The astonishing architecture today has given space for the favorite monthly event of collectors or antique effects seekers for their villa or home in Italy. The sloping square and the gorgeous colonnade, interwoven with beautiful arches, are “besieged” by antique merchants from near and far. Linen wrinkles with an embroidered monogram, a lace cover of an unknown grandmother, the sophisticated exquisite utensils of an inherited castle or an old house, porcelain coffee shops serving a noble family, have everything we can guess. Or we can not … Ancient armchairs, sofabed sofabed sofas, antique buffets, gorgeous walnut masses, eaten by wood-eaters, retro cards, old and rusty keyboards and chairs, we can find everything.



The main square in Perugia is impressive with the Gothic palace and medieval fountain – an exquisite decor for all ancient objects that tempt us to “break up” the home interior.

Pietro Perugino has left here Early Renaissance works, he is one of the authors who worked on the Sistine Chapel and teacher of the outstanding Raphael.

Perugia has an inimitable charm – epochal architecture, rich collections of works of various arts, history, “sunken” in the antiquity, but also youth spirit, freshness and modernity and also … and … the old chocolate factory ” Perugina “(1907) – nowadays turned into a modern enterprise for the production of the famous Bacci sweets.



Perugia and Perugina offer an annual chocolate festival and are inspired by the film “Chocolate Lessons”, most of which is filmed in the chocolate factory.



Slowly, slowly, the day passes, and we will get to our accommodation with bags filled with souvenirs, antiques, and many, many memories and footage of this event dedicated to past times.

01.10.2018 – Montepulciano and Pienza

A day dedicated to observation and tasting – we will see how different they are to the medieval Montepulciano and Renaissance Pienza, as well as to the completeness of Vino Nobilie and Pecorino cheese, the most traditional products for both settlements.

The stone facades along the main street of Montepulcino stop our attention – the relief heads of the lions, rusty metal rings, once used to tie the horses, torch-holders and old gates reinforced with metal studs. The street climbs along the edge of the ridge to “reach” a beautiful square in the tall, “decorated” of palaces, church and wells … sit down and “immerse” your eyes in the opening picture. Delight with a cup of coffee or wine …


The castels hide secrets and dungeons … – to unravel them! We invite you for a stroll through the invisible part of the city – the dungeons and natural caves – former Etruscan tombs, today forming the cellars and niches to store the sirens and olive oil of the aristocratic families. We will taste the tastes formed in these strange labyrinths under the foundations of the buildings, the rocks, the sweet and strong notes of wine … noble notes and a sense of secrets.

Come to lunch – a small restaurant “nestled” in a grove. Here are the local people. We will try game specialties and excellent wines.



The “perfect city” – see it – has nothing to disturb the full bliss and the perfect harmony between the surrounding nature and the beauty of the buildings that form the Renaissance settlement. The walk is smooth and for a short time we reach all the hidden streets and squares of Pienza, the town entices with its coziness. There is love for the birthplace where Pope Pius II transforms the medieval settlement of Corsignano into a complete, balanced city. Look from the fortress wall of the south façade – the magnificence of the valley strikes and we need time to take so much beauty. 




Tasty breakfast with hot coffee and the arrangement of memories and luggage – we head off to the Pisa airport. We will stop on the road to the last photos to say “goodbye” to the fields and another delicious lunch of Central Italy.


Its time for the flight. You are full of emotions, experiences and views from the cards … goodbye to new trips!

The price of 700 euros includes:

Individual attitude and approach to everyone;
1 night in a hotel in Pisa with breakfast included;
6 nights in a stone Umbrian house;
Full refrigerator for 6 days with local delicacies, fruits, vegetables and wines, refreshing beverages;
Lunch at a family restaurant in Tuscany with wildlife specialties and beverages;
Lunch in a resort town on the shores of Lake Trasimeno;
Accommodation has Wi-Fi internet;
Excursion to Pisa’s “Wonder Square”;
Excursion to Volterra;
Boat trip in the volcanic Lake Trasimeno and visit the islands;
Excursion to Orvieto;
Excursion to Civita di Bagnoregio and entrance fee for the “disappearing city”;
Excursion to Cortona;
Excursion to Perugia or Arezzo / depending on the chosen date / visit to the antique market;
Excursion to Montepulciano and exploration of the underground city;
Excursion to Pienza;
Ryanair Flight Tickets Sofia-Pisa-Sofia
All internal transfers;
Escorts and translation;
Medical insurance coverage up to 5,000 euros.
Please note that the stated price is for the respective nights in a double room with a double bed or twin beds;
In case you wish to use a single room, additional payment is possible according to the specific accommodation conditions;

The price does not include:

Expenses of a personal nature;
Meals in restaurants other than the above;
Paid visits to museums and attractions outside the aforementioned.
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